Aera is a Kansas City-based cover band that combines a unique blend of electric and acoustic sounds to play a wide variety of music ranging from retro to recent – rock, pop, country, blues, etc. 

Aera is versatile and creative with a few surprises.  They bring their own blend of music that is full of twists and turns.  They play a wide variety of genres.  They currently have songs in their arsenal from genres such as classic rock, funk, country, blues, R&B, modern rock, pop, 80’s hair metal…you get the idea.  No genre or era is off limits. If the music feels good, they will play it. They take a unique approach to songs, though.  Even if a song’s origins are from one genre, they may change the feel of it by playing in the style of a different genre or sometimes combining genres.  They have both acoustic and electric versions of most of the songs they play.  They will also tailor their set lists to the audience they are playing for.

Rising from the ashes of tragedy, Aera began in the Kansas City area as an acoustic duo with guitarists Rob Albright and Craig White that quickly morphed into a power trio with the addition of drummer Rick Tibbetts.  The resulting sonic signature was a unique blend of acoustic and electric sounds.  These guys have diverse backgrounds that are on full display with their versatile sound and wide variety of musical tastes ranging from retro to recent – rock, pop, country, blues, etc.  They have a tendency to experiment with songs to create something different.  They especially enjoy creating something different on the spot when they take requests from the crowd.  Come out and see what these musical mad scientists are going to do next!!

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