About Aera

Rising from the ashes of tragedy, Aera began in the Kansas City area as an acoustic duo with guitarists Rob Albright and Craig White that quickly morphed into a power trio with the addition of drummer Rick Tibbetts.  Eventually, guitarist Wren Richardson and bassist Craige Hopkins joined the fun.  The resulting sonic signature was a unique blend of acoustic and electric sounds.  These guys have diverse backgrounds that are on full display with their versatile sound and wide variety of musical tastes ranging from retro to recent – rock, pop, country, blues, etc.  They have a tendency to experiment with songs to create something different.  They especially enjoy creating something different on the spot when they take requests from the crowd.  Come out and see what these musical mad scientists are going to do next!!

Guitarists Rob and Craig had been in various bands together since 2016.  They played with drummer Rick in a 5-piece version of Aera in 2019.  That iteration of Aera disbanded as each of its members focused on other musical endeavors.  Rick focused his efforts with a band in Saint Joseph, while Rob and Craig completed the lineup of an established band in northern Kansas City.  After that band lost its drummer to cancer in the fall of 2020, Rob and Craig set out on their own as an acoustic duo.  They reconnected with Rick in spring of 2021 and Aera was re-born as a power trio.  In 2024, guitarist Wren Richardson and bassist Craige Hopkins joined the band and Aera became a 5-piece again.

Meet the members of Aera:

Rob Albright is a skilled and versatile musician that has performed, as well as taught music, in the northern Kansas City area for many years.  He is also a highly sought-after sound engineer that likes to experiment with different sound mixing techniques.  Additionally, Rob is a mild-mannered data and testing analyst by day.  There is a lot of knowledge swirling around in Rob’s brain…sometimes too much.  Rob likes to say that he could hide his own Easter eggs.

Craige Hopkins brings an extensive music background to his bass playing.  He started his music path in the 70's.  However, he took a break from music while working for the railroad and missed the 80's.

Wren Richardson

Rick Tibbetts is the salty dog drummer.  Thanks to living in various places between the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, Rick’s drumming has been influenced by several genres and styles.  He has been heavily involved in the Saint Joseph, Missouri music scene for the past few decades.  Do not be fooled by Rick’s intense look while playing drums. He is actually smiling under that goatee and having a great time.

Craig White grew up around the local music scene in southeast Kansas, as his father owned a small-town bar where all the local musicians gathered to play.  Influenced by these musicians, he began learning music and practicing his craft while serving a career in the U.S. Army.  After a retiring from the military, he settled down in Leavenworth, Kansas and dove headfirst back into performing music.  Craig likes to interact with the crowd.  He tells them that singing along with the music is not only authorized but also highly encouraged.  Dancing is also highly encouraged.